Random thoughts during red devil #3

I’m really loving wearing scarves. Haven’t even touched my “cranial prosthesis” yet. Scarves are easy, comfy accessories. And I may need to stop buying new ones. After all, I *will* have hair again someday, right?! (Actually, I’ll donate the scarves and other cancer “stuff” to a local organization after I’m done, which does nothing to stop me from continuing to buy more.)


Chemo continues to be not a big deal. Yes, I’m tired and grouchy the week after chemo. And I have hot flashes and night sweats. But it could be so much worse. I’m very aware of how fortunate I am. And I feel thankful and blessed.

I fought with a tummy virus this week, though, and that was no fun. Thank goodness my mom was staying at my house because after being up all night with nasty gastro issues, there was no way I could’ve taken the kids to school on time on Thursday. Instead, I slept most of the day and did my damnedest to stay hydrated so that I could still have chemo on schedule. Luckily, my classes were either being taught by someone else or the students had group work day. I just really didn’t want dehydration or sickness to push my chemo schedule off schedule.

Blood work continues to fascinate me. From low lows one week to completely, textbook normal the next, I think I drive the nurses nuts each week as I ask them to chart it out. (They can do cool charts and graphs.) This week the doctor’s comments about how in doing included the word “awesome” about 10 times. The body is pretty freaking amazing.

2 thoughts on “Random thoughts during red devil #3

  1. Glad to hear that your body is as big an overachiever as you are 🙂 I’m digging all the scarves – and I’m LOVING the pink winter hat. I need one like that!

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