Schools Out – Day 1

We don’t have lessons for the kids yet, so today was just a “do whatever” kind of day. E baked his first dessert – supposed to be blondies, but turned out more cookie-like. L played outside – a lot.

Found out B’s wife is more stupid than originally thought. Not only did she have the girls around people from all over this weekend, she also has traveled through airports very recently AND her parents (at whose house she was at this weekend) just returned from a trip to Mexico. But she doesn’t see anything wrong with exposure. She’s a fucking nitwit. (NOTE TO SELF: super important to not take out my feelings about their mother’s stupidity on the girls.)

I sketched out my three classes for the rest of the semester – I really don’t think we’re going back in mid-April, as originally thought. Feel okay about the plan – not ideal, but students will get what they need to keep moving through our program. A lot of content is going to have to be cut. I’m really only focusing on content relevant to assignments. I’m thinking about posting my full lecture slides so at least they can see what we’re not covering. But, realistically, I doubt many (if any) students will seek content that isn’t “necessary.” I spent a good part of the day wondering if an email I sent to undergrad students in my department actually went out – I haven’t heard a peep from anyone (which is kind of weird and kind of not).

We set up B’s home office. His work announced a shut down today. We’re fortunate to have a home office space (usually mine) and a “gift wrapping room” (which will be B’s space). Kids will be spread between a couple of places – dining room table, kitchen table, and probably a card table set up in the front room. If E works in the dining room (where he usually does his work), I can put one girl in there with him. More than that, and I fear no one will get anything done.

I mocked  up a tentative daily schedule for the girls. I modeled it after the multi-color one going around the interwebs now, but changed it a bit for our family. Kids will have a lot of creative and play time, as well as time for physical activity. I’m actually looking forward to “finding the time” to do an online fitness class or walk the treadmill. I’m about to find out there IS time…

Also spent the day dropping off princess and girly books that my kids have outgrown to a friend with three little girls. And ran by my mom’s house to get brown sugar (she left it on the porch because she’s not feeling well – but not COVID symptoms. I did blow her a kiss through the front window).

Oh, and had a conference call with the executive board of my alma mater alumni association. We’re postponing our spring event, which sucks and is sad, but totally the right thing to do.


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