Comment Policy

I write about my life – as an only parent, a single woman, a widow, a cancer survivor, a step mom. These can be emotionally-charged topics. I may not do everything right, but what I write here is for ME. My family and I have been through a lot, and this blog is my therapy. It’s my way of dealing with things.

There are a handful of people who read this blog because I personally know them and shared the URL with them, but the majority who follow Mommy’s Little Blog have found something here that resonates with their life experiences – whether the death of a loved one or getting through cancer or being a single/only parent or being married to an alcoholic or getting remarried or whatever. I’m glad you found my little part of the interwebz.

I will not tolerate trolls whose comments insult me or anyone in this community. Feel free to have a different opinion. I welcome an open dialogue. But if your intention is just to be a dick, you should move on and troll elsewhere.

As the owner of this blog, I reserve the right to not publish and/or delete comments I deem hurtful, inflammatory, off-topic, or just plain mean. I will not delete comments that disagree with my opinion, as long as the comments are not presented in a hateful manner. Think before you type, and I promise I will think before I approve or delete.

Basically, don’t be an asshole. Obey that rule, and we can be friends.