Got out today!

Today followed the same pattern of a super long day, but also a super slow one. It seems like days ago since I went out to the grocery and dropped off provisions at my mom’s. But that was at noon, just six hours ago.

So I did get out of the house today. We needed some fresh fruits and veggies and a few other things. My mom needed bread and eggs. She also asked her elderly neighbors if they needed anything – they didn’t, but they’ll call me if that changes. I got to talk to my mom for about 30 minutes. She stood on the front porch and I stood in the driveway. It was great to see her and sad because I couldn’t hug or kiss her.

I figure there will probably be at least a trip to the store once a week, other than milk runs (that’s every few days, even though we’ve DRASTICALLY cut down on milk consumption, much to the dismay of the teenager). Stores are strange. There’s no selection. Mom needed bread, and there were literally six loaves of each of three kinds. Such limited choices. Absolutely no chicken – fresh or frozen – to be found. Eggs at only one store (Walgreens). Milk down to skim and whole. No potatoes. Lots of oranges and apples, but almost no other kind of fruit. Paper aisle down to four packages of TP and two or three rolls of paper towels. Liquor section still stocked (thanks, Wisco!) and everything in that section at full price.

For the last few years, I’ve been really good about menu planning, and I’m not letting that go. While I’d like to stick to what we know during this time of getting adjusted to a new routine,  B sent a ridiculous recipe involving chicken wrapped in a puff pastry. Yeah, sounds great, but dude, I ain’t got time for that shit right now. Spaghetti it is.

Kids are getting a little better. Of course this was the first day with just E and L. We’re going to try to keep the visitation schedule as much as possible – basically, until we go into full shutdown. You can imagine how B’s ex feels about that. She’s bitching up a storm. Because it’s going to be so HARD to manage with the girls at home. Because her job is so critical right now (um, it’s a nonprofit that deals with a very specific profession, so no it’s not). Because SHE’S A SINGLE MOM WITH NO HELP.

Let me pause there. She needs to shut the f- up about being a single mom. That argument doesn’t play with me. She’s going to struggle because she’s designated her home as the fun-time play-zone. There are no rules, no schedule, no respect for her authority. She’s their playmate and now she might have to actually (gasp!) parent.

Also I have no tolerance for whining about being a single mom when she has a VERY involved baby-daddy with B. You know who was a single parent with no help? Me. You know who managed? Me. You know who has no sympathy for that shit? Me.

Anywhosit, E still doesn’t have work. And L’s school is in denial of “all schools closed indefinitely.” Today an email from the teacher included the line, “If this continues much longer, I’ll probably have to figure out how to get math lessons to your kids!” and “While you’re waiting this out, here’s a link to our spring concerts songs. Be sure to practice at home!”

So, no we’re not practicing for the spring concert, which was scheduled for early May. And yes, you really need to “figure out” math for the kids. The four weeks of lessons she sent home NEEDED to include math and didn’t. I’m pretty much at the point of throwing all the bullshit, half-assed, put-together-in-a-hurry-without-a-thought bullshit sent home and start over. This is ridiculous.

Trying to get my classes together to go online for the rest of the semester continues to slowly inch forward. Today I tested two different content delivery systems. I’m overwhelmed at the options Tomorrow my TA and I will decide how to move her discussion sessions online. I also want to finalize my class syllabi and start recording lectures. I’m sort of terrified of getting sick and not being able to get information to my students. I figure if I can record 5 minutes on each topic, at least they’ll have some of my insight.

Today’s bright spot to all this: not being afraid because of last year’s student stalker! It’s always been at the back of my mind, him coming to campus and coming to one of my classes. With campus closed, no concerns!

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