Corona-cation: it’s a lot

Wednesday. Hump day. On what should have been my spring break.

Homeschooling is… well, it’s sort of school-esque and it’s at home, and that’s about it. The assignments are ridiculous. No offense to teachers, but four kids in three districts is interesting. E’s work won’t be available until mid-next week at the earliest. L’s work is fine, but VERY light on math and SUPER heavy on religion. I’ve supplemented some math because it’s her favorite and told her to ignore the religion. B’s girls have had technical difficulties.

But here’s my problem. There’s no plan for GRADING the work. And I literally have no time to do my job AND grade elementary school work. And if I magically find the time, I  expect to be reimbursed for it. Seriously. The teachers are getting paid right now, so… figure out how this shit will get graded, please. Especially the stuff on which the next lesson builds. C’mon – my kid isn’t just going to do busywork! And if that’s the plan (no grading), then fuck the assignments and I’ll find my own direction. There’s more than enough resources out there right now. I can cobble something better together (with online grading, of course).

I’m finding it super challenging to balance work and redoing an entire semester (now classes online through end semester) PLUS acting as teacher PLUS acting as recess supervisor and referee for the kids PLUS managing the house (break for lunch! break for snack! break to find scissors! break to figure out dinner! break to make a grocery run list! break to do 17 million things! PLUS trying to make sure mom is ok (she is) PLUS handling freelance responsibilities PLUS PLUS PLUS. It’s so much. I’m hoping a rhythm gets established soon. But I’ve never been a patient person. I keep telling myself this just started, it’ll take time.

Here’s what’s weird: The day both flies by and is super slow. Like there’s so much going on that I can’t believe what happened this morning was part of THIS DAY. There aren’t enough hours in the day, yet I need a break. I’ve done so much, yet I’ve done nothing.

SIDE NOTE: Interestingly, my grandfather JUST realized the severity of COVID-19 – when he went to the coffee shop today for his daily toast and java and it was closed. Until then, he and his lady friend have completely ignored all warnings and loved ones telling him to stay home. It was just today when Fingerhut’s was closed that he and Rosie went to get groceries and decided to “hunker down” for a while.

SIDE NOTE 2: Today’s interesting and sort of amusing thought: when this is over, everyone is going to be so ridiculously shaggy. No haircuts. No color. No waxing. Nothing. Just sitting at home, growing hair. Good lord, I’m glad I’m not coloring my hair anymore, but these curls are going to be WILD in a few weeks.

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