“Social Distancing”

This has been a weird week.

Tuesday went from “we’re monitoring” to extended spring break for the university for which I work.

Wednesday saw the announcement of university online classes for the two weeks after extended spring break.

On Thursday, sports leagues announced cancellations and postponements, Disney closed. Basically, entertainment is on hold.

On Friday, the governor ordered all schools K-12 closed until April 6.

Life is uprooted. My spring break has turned into a scramble to convert three “must be in-person” classes to online instruction. Some of my students are panicked – worrying about how this will affect grades and graduations, experiencing anxiety over being able to pay bills and keep their service jobs.

My kids’ teachers are trying to figure out how to handle their lessons. And my kids are unsure how certain assignment are going to be handled. E is concerned he’ll have eight-plus hours of work each day, and he’s freaking out.

I’ve isolated myself from physical contact with my mom, whom I usually see every day. I can’t be sure that my kids or I aren’t carriers or that we haven’t been exposed, particularly as our blended family has two kids who are not being encouraged to be “socially distanced” from anyone (as evidenced by their mother posting photos of them at a birthday party this weekend with people from all over the state). I can’t tighten the circle to make sure my mom is safe when I have no control over one-third of our household. L and I visited my mom today, for the last time in who knows how long, to set up Skype and make sure she has everything she needs.

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