Shopping for my head

Today I tried on “head accessories” – scarves (untied and pre-tied), turbans, and sleep caps. There were two other women in the shop, both had been through chemo – one of them preparing for her third time fighting cancer.

The women were super helpful with what I would need and not need. They talked about the importance of super soft materials and showed me what to look for in the placement of the seams in a turban and pre-tied scarf. They shared how to wash and care for these accessories. They showed some tricks for handling an accessorizing the “tails” of the scarves.

We talked about skin care (probably get really dry) and nail care (could lose my nails but I can still paint them using special polishes, albeit with limited color options – I’m going to miss regular manis-pedis).

I bought several things, and I gained quite a bit of confidence in figuring out how to rock this inevitable bald-thing. It was actually kind of fun trying on stuff. I look pretty damn good in a few of the turbans and scarves… Best estimate, I have 7-21 days after my first treatment before I start losing my hair.

I also got the contact information for the wig fitter/cosmetologist. She has limited hours at the hospital retail shop, but she runs a salon not far from my mom’s. I hope to get an appointment with her this week/early next to help me navigate the world of wigs and how to draw (hopefully) natural-looking eyebrows.

Shopping included looking for somewhere to store all the new stuff for my head. Some assembly required, but this ended up perfect.

Shopping included looking for something to store all the new stuff for my head. Some assembly required, but this ended up perfect.

Tomorrow, I have a heart test (some of the chemo meds can damage the heart so I need baseline results so I can be evaluated over the next few months) and the installation of the mediport (to administer the chemo and have blood drawn through this process).

It’ll be a long day.

Fun story: I tried on one of the pre-tied scarves this afternoon to show the kids. Lauren’s reaction: “Why are you the only one who gets to be a pirate? I want one, too!”

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