Coincidences or signs?

It’s been a weird 12 hours.

First, there was the amazing sunset after the balloon launch at Ethan’s grief group. What I didn’t say in my post last night was that on my balloon’s message to my dad, I asked for a sign that I was doing things okay, and that we’d be all right. Enter the most magnificent sky ever. I’m taking that as a sign from my dad.

Then I realized that I “knew” the new guy in grief group. First, his son looked familiar, like I had seen him before. Then the daughter’s name tripped alarm bells (it is not a common name). And the timeline of his ex-wife’s life from cancer diagnosis to their divorce to her untimely death was strangely familiar. I checked an obit this morning, and sure enough, the kids’ names and his name match. He’s the ex-husband of a former co-worker who died earlier this year. (I wrote about her in a previous entry, but I made the post private because “people” were searching for terms associated with her and stumbling across my site.)

This would be odd enough, but in one of the last emails that Donna sent to me, just weeks before she died, she talked about her kids and my kids and wanting to get them all together for a play date. I guess now they’ll get to know each other, having the chance to hang out every two weeks at grief group…

2 thoughts on “Coincidences or signs?

  1. It’s funny how things work…I’m a skeptical person, but sometimes there are things that happen where you just can’t ignore the serendipity. I’m still in awe of that sky that opened up after your balloon release! When these things happen in my life, and I feel it in “my gut”, I really try to over-ride my inner skeptic. It’s nice to feel like some things “happen for a reason”, that maybe there is a little magic in this life…whatever it may be.

  2. I remember so clearly the morning after my mom died, I went to sit (and cry) in our living room and scattered all across the wall and ceiling were these little speckles of light — it was so beautiful…magical, even. It was a simple as the sun shining through the window and bouncing off a bejeweled picture frame of our save-the-date announcement — but I took it as a sign that she was there and everything was going to be okay. Stuff like that is too perfect to be coincidence.

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