Teacher meeting, new therapist

Ethan’s teacher emailed yesterday, requesting that we meet in person after class today.

God, I hope she found a man for me.



On a more serious note, I think I found a new therapist for Ethan. After an exhaustive search of providers covered by my insurance (and much thought about the pros and cons of staying with the same therapy group as our last therapist), I found a woman who specializes in working with young children (as young as three years old – wow), and has a lot of experience with helping young kids through the grieving process. She’s an elementary school teacher turned counselor, so I’m hoping she’ll have some good insight and recommendations for how to help Ethan through this.

We’ve emailed a few times, and although we keep missing each other’s phone calls, I’m fairly certain that she’s going to be a terrific fit for us. Fingers crossed.

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