Unread emails

Looking at my iPhone last night, I had 143 unread emails. It was too much. Three personal email accounts and WAY too many unopened, unread, or just old and no longer relevant emails. So, I decided to clean out my inboxes, and I found myself laughing at what I found – and how much I could unsubscribe from or just delete.

  • Getting Pregnant Newsletter: huh, probably not an issue since I’m missing ONE KEY INGREDIENT to that recipe. A newsletter, no matter what kind of helpful advice it contains, is probably not going to overcome the lack-of-sperm issue. Also, definitely not the time for a new baby…
  • All the STL-specific newsletters: yep, haven’t lived in St. Louis for about a year now, and I’m certainly not driving six hours to use a coupon, so it’s probably safe to unsubscribe to the local deals emails, the local Freecycle emails, local kids resale shop emails, local restaurant specials emails, etc.
  • Shopping/flash sale emails for sites I’ve never actually purchased things from: I don’t even remember why I signed up for these. Somehow I’ve ended up with emails from about a dozen of these sites. I could spend hours looking at the sales (i.e., G1lt or F@b) but I never do. And when I do have a moment to look, there’s absolutely nothing 1) in the size/color/pattern I need, or 2) I would spend money on (i.e., UGLY or completely impractical – like $65 (45% off!!) faux fur boots for my toddler. Really?!?).
  • Social media updates: I’m on my social media networks daily, so I don’t need updates telling me that so-and-so updated his Facebook status or that there are 83 new discussions in a LinkedIn group (an LI professional group that I signed up for , but probably never actually visited). Guarantee I’ll see the updates I want to see, so auto-notifications are now adjusted.
  • School updates from Ethan’s kindergarten year: if I missed the Christmas play or didn’t bring snacks for a teacher appreciation day, it was probably because I didn’t open the email. Kind of late now, right?
  • Mike’s resume and cover letter: doubt he’s looking for a job right now. Besides, I don’t think he took my advice on the last round of edits I sent.

I’m down to a manageable 23 unread emails today. That seems reasonable, but much less amusing.

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