Things you don’t think of – but damn glad you were asked

I received an email today from my alma mater wanting to know how I wanted a couple of donations made to the school noted in the “Roll Call of Donors” section of the alumni magazine. One was easy – my name listed as a donor under my graduating year. The second donation warranted the email: how should a donation to the general fund be listed? Traditionally, when a couple is composed of two alums, it’s listed Husband Name/Wife Name. Since Mike is dead, the school wanted to be respectful of my wishes – should I be mentioned singularly in that section (no mention of Mike), or as Husband/Wife with an asterisk noting Mike’s passing.

Honestly, it didn’t matter to me. But I appreciate the college asking my preference. It would have been weird (and maybe even disturbing) to see his name in print if I didn’t know in advance. It’s nice to have attended a small college where this kind of thing is noticed and opinions are sought before publication.

BTW, I opted for the Husband/Wife listing with the asterisk.

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