Guess Who Called

This afternoon, I was in a great mood. The new job provides incredible flexibility. Today, I needed to take Ethan to school – day one, show up anytime between noon and 6 p.m. , drop off supplies, meet the teacher, get photos taken, attendance mandatory. It would have been impossible to leave my previous job to do this. I would have had to take a vacation day, spending DAYS beforehand putting together a “plan” for how my team will remain successful for the ONE DAY I would be absent. (Unfortunately, not kidding.)

Tunes pumping. My thoughts racing with syllabus revisions I want to make and test questions I want to write. Huge grin on my face, happy to be able to take Ethan his first day of second grade.

Then, the music muted, and my cell phone rang. Thinking it was my mom, I picked it up quickly, looking at the caller ID screen.

“TXXXXXXX” – it was the last name of my in-laws on my screen. I haven’t talked to them since the funeral in January.

I didn’t answer.

A few minutes later, there was a message. “Jackie, this is Cindy. Would you please give me a call back. We have received some information through the mail that is pertaining to Ethan and they want me to have you contact them. Our number hasn’t changed. It is… Thank you.”

Her tone was cold and sterile. No “how are you” or “hope you and the kids are well.” No “hope you had a good birthday yesterday.” No pleasantries of any kind.

I haven’t called her back. Can’t imagine whatever they’ve received for Ethan is important. Nothing was forwarded to Mike’s address – not even his bills, so it’s probably junk mail. I know I’m going to have to call them back at some point, but damn, really? Now? When things are going so well?

When I do talk to them, I’m going to ask them to sign over access to his storage unit. Whew! Is that situation a mess – a mess that I’m paying rent for every.damn.month…

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